Casa Hogar Visit

At the beginning of the year, a team of 7 members of Plains Presbyterian Church went on a week-long visit to Casa Hogar Children’s Home, an MTW partner work in Acapulco, Mexico.

Scroll down to see a video presentation about Casa Hogar.

Casa Hogar is home to over 50 children who have been removed from an unstable or unhealthy environment and placed into this children’s home where they receive proper nutrition, education, a place to sleep and most importantly where they are taught the gospel of Christ. Located at the center of Acapulco, in south-east Mexico, Casa Hogar was once a hotel that was donated for a children’s home by a missionary of Billy Graham in the 80s. This beautiful place has been the home to hundreds of kids over the years. Some have grown up to be professionals, others havereturned to work for Casa Hogar and return the gift of love that was given to them many years before.

The children of Casa Hogar range from ages 4-21. They are allowed to stay at the home until they graduate high school. Upon graduation they can choose between receiving assistance in finding a job and making a life of their own, receiving funding to go to college with free boarding at the home.

Case Hogar currently has several kids who are getting their degrees in engineering and seminary. The younger children attend a private Christian school where they are able to receive a good education. Because many of the children are brought to Casa hogar having never set foot in a school, this Christian school provides an environment where the kids are able to quickly catch up with their peers and are given one-on-one attention.

Along with a lack of education many of the kids also were brought to Casa Hogar extremely malnourished. At Casa Hogar they receive three meals a day and have a nutritionist who visits frequently to make sure that the children’s diets are well balanced.

The Plains group was able to play with the kids daily, helped in construction on a new boys dorm, and witnessed first hand the ways in which God was working at Casa Hogar and in the lives of these kids.

They saw the Gospel in action in the way the kids treat each other as brother and sister. They look after one another, they play with each other, they share, and they never complain. We also God’s hand in the workers and how they have devoted their whole lives to loving these children. Some of them quit very prestigious jobs to come and be a parental figure in these kid’s lives. The team was able to form relationships with both the kids and the staff, and we looks forward to returning someday soon to see them again.