Fighting Human Trafficking in Bulgaria-A Plains Supported Missionary

Katherine Long is an MTW missionary who lives and works in Bulgaria. He ministry involves helping women escape from human trafficking and prostitution. The article linked below details some aspects of her work. The Missions Committee wishes to share with with our members to heighten awareness of some of the missions work that we, as a church, support.

Please see ‘Where I Am Supposed to Be’ at

Disability Makes A Church Strong

This blog post from is a good reminder of one of the ways God demonstrates his strength in our midst.

Each Sunday, as I stand on our elevated platform, I look out at a couple hundred faces of various ages, different shades of color, and a diversity of expressions, all bidding me to speak on behalf of God.

But one face in particular captures my attention in a unique way every week. Her name is Jaakkina, and she sits in the balcony because of her autism. Her parents are intensely aware of her need to jump, dance, and wiggle throughout the service, so they sit up high among the few as an expression of love for their daughter and for the majority of their brothers and sisters below.

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FREQUENT FLYER TIPS: A Message from Special Needs Ministry

A recent article on the PCA Discipleship Ministries website addresses personal aspects of ministry to special needs families. Written by Stephanie Hubach, Founding Director of Mission to North America’s (MNA) Special Needs Ministries, she equips and encourages us with thoughts on adjusting our attitude and approach when reaching out to our special needs families.

Please read Frequent Flyer Tips by Stephanie Hubach. (Preceeding link will open in a new window.)

Plains Church’s Sessional Resolution on Racial Reconciliation

In October of 2016, following the lead of the General Assembly of our denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), the Session of Plains PCA agreed upon and signed the following sessional commitment to the work of Racial Reconciliation that lies before us as a church, as a denomination and as a society.

(This resolution is presented in response to the 2016 General Assembly’s Overture 43 and Overture 55.)

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